I want Diamond Certainty

Start protecting your money today!

  • Monthly billed amount in multiples of USD 60.
  • Once you have saved a specific diamond, we will notify you and you will have the following options:
    • If you agree to the diamond, we will send it to you at your address or store it in our safes, as you wish.
    • Or you will not deal with it and leave it to us; we will build your portfolio of diamonds and you can request their sending at any time.
  • You will monitor everything in Client Zone, where you can see how much you have earned, how much you have earned on Bonuses, what diamonds you have with you or in the safe with us or what other diamonds you are saving.

Do you want to know more about diamonds?

Visit our site www.dicholding.com , where you will find detailed information not only about the benefits of investing in diamonds but details about diamonds and certificates.